Paul Dansker Explains How to Deal With Cops after a Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be a terrifying ordeal for many people. However, knowing what to expect from the responding officers and how to deal with them can help alleviate some of the anxiety. There are several things an accident victim can do that can help the officer and make the job for an accident lawyer easier. These are not difficult, but do require keeping a cool head. Here is what Mr. Paul D Dansker is suggesting:

Officer Protocol


When an officer arrives at the scene of a car accident, there are several things he is responsible for doing. He will first secure the scene by assessing injuries, calling for additional assistance, and ensuring that no further accidents will occur. From there, the officer will investigate the crash by interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and taking photos. The officer will wrap up the incident by issuing citations if necessary, making sure the scene is cleared, and filing a police report.


Police Report

The police report is a useful tool for an accident lawyer. The officer's job is to record specific facts along with any judgments he may form. Information included in the report may include descriptions of the accident, diagrams and photos of the scene, names and contact information for all parties, witness statements, descriptions of relevant details, and weather and road conditions. This information will be filed and made available to the parties involved.


Responding to Officers - Do

Interacting with officers at a scene can be stressful. However, a good accident lawyer would advise that there are several things a victim can do to improve the situation. Remember to remain calm and to follow the officer's instructions. In addition, make sure to record the officer's name, badge number, and direct contact information, along with where to obtain the police report.


Responding to Officers - Don't

An accident lawyer will also advise there are several things a victim should not do. First, don't try to do the officer's job. Let him interview the witnesses and collect the evidence. This will cut down on escalating tensions or contaminating evidence. Second, be honest and co-operative, but don't admit to guilt or apologize. These types of statements can later be used against a victim. In addition, never argue or demand, as this may irritate the officer and reduce his ability to remain objective.


Your Responsibility

While a victim should not attempt to do the officer's job, it is a good idea to take notes of pertinent facts. Writing down the events and details of the accident as soon as possible will help testimony later, and can even be used if there is an error or omission in the police report. Note such things as descriptions of the accident, the road and weather conditions, and any other pertinent facts. You may want to consider also sketching the scene or taking photos unobtrusively.


Knowing what to expect after a car accident, plus following these tips, can help alleviate the victim's stress and make the job of an accident lawyer that much easier. Just remain calm, follow directions and let the officer do his job. Becoming argumentative, demanding, or dishonest will only make a bad situation worse and can be used against the victim if the case goes to court.


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