Bicycle Accidents Forming Personal Injury Claims

In New York City, there are many ways to get injured while riding a bicycle. You can get injured by a driver running a red light at an intersection, or you can get pushed out of your lane by a driver who does not respect your rights. The heavy volume of messenger and delivery bicycle traffic puts bicyclists and pedestrians at an increased risk of injury.


Road accidents are of different types involving various vehicles ranging from cars, trucks to bikes and bicycles. Bicycle accidents are not a rare scene to witness. We can see the streets and roads being used by the cyclists. 

Though car drivers and bike riders can be seen in a greater number but cyclists are also spotted quite often in a significant number on the roads and thus they also fall prey to the unfortunate accidents that happen on the roads frequently. 


Accidents are something that we cannot predict, when will they happen. And road accidents are those accidents that are bound to happen as there are many reckless and irresponsible persons whose neglect is destined to happen in the form of an accident. Bicycle accidents can involve a crash with another vehicle that can be car, a bike or it can also be another bicycle. A pedestrian can also become a victim after being colliding with a bicycle, receiving injuries that can be severe at times. 


These accidents are supposed to be the result of the irresponsibility and rashness being displayed by the other party involved in the accident. The cyclist can become the receiver of severe injuries if the other vehicle involved is a larger one. All types of injuries like head injury, bleeding, bruises and fractures can be the outcome of a bicycle accident. The other party involved in the accident is supposed to pay for the sufferings and pains that he has made the cyclist to go through.


Along with the physical pains and sufferings being asked for compensation, the victim is also supposed to claim for the property loss if the cycle gets damaged after colliding with another vehicle. Hence, all types of injuries whether these are financial, physical or mental, are liable to be compensated as a result of a cyclist getting injured in a road accident. 


The victim is supposed to consult a specialist lawyer dealing in personal injury claims like Paul Dansker. He is the one who can present the case in a professional and skilled manner. The compensation amount is determined by the nature and the severity of the injuries that the claimant has suffered. Though, most of these claims get to be sort out through the medium of settlements.


New York City Bicycle Accident Claims

Bicyclists share most of the legal rights and responsibilities as drivers of cars and trucks. However, drivers of motor vehicles do not always respect the rights of bicycle riders, and sometimes they do not even see them. When handling a bicycle accident claim, we thoroughly investigate all aspects of the accident to determine if the driver of the motor vehicle was negligent in any way.


Bicyclists are relatively unprotected in the event of a crash. When a motor vehicle collides with a bicycle, the rider can suffer severe and life-threatening injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and even death.


Paul Dansker & Aspromonte Associates a personal injury attorneys co-established by Paul Dansker with Salvatore Aspromonte works with leading experts in medicine, economics, and other specialty fields who help us determine the full short and long-term hardships our clients will face in the wake of an injury. This allows the firm to pursue maximum compensation for those who have been injured while riding their bikes.


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